Pain Management

Chronic pain is difficult to endure and can have many adverse side effects both physically and mentally. Today, many people are looking for more holistic treatments over the typical prescription drug method.

If you have inflammation due to an injury or medical condition, suffer from acute or chronic pain, recovering from a surgery or living with the pain and limitations of arthritis then perhaps laser treatment is for you.

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How It Works

Our deep heating pain management treatment has an immediate analgesic effect. It reduces inflammation, increases flexibility & mobility and speeds up the healing process.

The Nanaimo Medi Spa Method

We are able to allow deep penetration of heat to the targeted area using our Nd:YAG laser in PIANO mode. We start with a spot treatment directed at trigger and painful points followed by a comprehensive treatment of the larger area. Each area would be considered a separate treatment.

Procedure & Expected Results

A typical treatment of one area is approx. 15 minutes and a series of 10 treatments, 2 times per week is the protocol for most conditions effecting the back, knee, shoulder, face, feet and chest.

The treatment is painless with only a warm sensation felt and no down time afterwards. You can go back to your daily activities immediately after your treatment.

Previous patients experienced an improvement of 60-100%.

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